Pharma Franchise Opportunity in Chhatisgarh State


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Piece
Do you offer Generic Yes
List of already existing franchise locations Exising : Raipur & Bilaspur. Vacant : Ambikapur, Jashpur, korba, Ratanpur, Raigarh, Dhamantri, Kank
Minimum Order Value 25000.00
Promotional Material Working Bag, Writing Pads, Dairies, Visiting Cards, Visual Aid, Individual Product Literature.
Type of Dosage Tablet, Capsule, Syrup, Injection, Gel, Drops, Sachet
Type of Product Range Analgesic , Antibitoic, Respiratory, Nutrition, Vitamins, Cough Syrups, Anti bacterials, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-diarrhoeal, Antacids, Anti-Allergic, dentist Prescription Range etc.


We are AHMEDABAD based Pharma Company having our own Factory and having a large range of Quality Result oriented Products want to appoint Pharma Franchises district wise, on territory monopoly rights,  in all major vacant cities in the State of Chhatisgarh.

Financially sound Parties having marketing set up, desirous to establish long term Business Association may mail us their intention stating full details to us.

Category wise : we offer Pharma Allopathic Products, Ayurvedic Products Nutraceutical Products.

Dosage wise :  We offer  Tablets, Capsules, Liquid-orals, Ointments, Creams, Gels, Solutions, Lotions,

Ear Drops, Nasal Drops, Medicated Tooth Pastes, Mouthwash, Mouth Gels, Soft gels, Granules’ Sachets etc. 

Our Packings are excellent by design, look, style, Technology Materials.  

We offer Promotional Materials at free of cost in reasonable Quantity parallel to Business Volume, which includes Visual Aids, Individual Products Literature, Glossaries, Reminder Cards, M.R. Bag with Symbol Monogram of Company, Visiting Cards etc.

Samples Packs are also offered in our Ayurvedic Range of Products charging its Cost value.