Ayurvedic Anti- diarrhoeal Capsules


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Box
Grade Standard Medicine Grade
Packaging Size A Box consisting of 10 Blister strips of 10 Capsules each.
Packaging Type Box
Usage Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine for non specific Diarrhoea.


Common Name :

Ayurvedic Anti-diarrhoeal Capsules

Brand Name :

DIPACK  Capsules

Composition :

Bilwa Fruit Pulp

(Aegle marmelos) A.B.

100 mg

Indrayava Seeds

(Hollarhena antidysenterica) A.B.

100 mg

Kutaja stem bark

(Hollarhena antidysenterica) A.B. 

  50 mg

Daruharidra Roots

(Berberis aristata) A.B.

  50 mg

Hing Niryas

(Ferula assafoitida) A.B.

  20 mg

Mardasingi Fruits

(Helicteres isora) A.B.

  20 mg

Vacha Rhizomes

(Acorus calamus) A.B.

  20 mg

Mochras Niryas

(Bombax mulbaricum)AB

  20 mg

Kadu Roots

(Picrarhiza kurroa) A.B.

  20 mg


Therapeutic Uses :

 Useful in treating Diarrhoea of any origin, Amoebiasis,

Dysentery Amoebic colitis.

Unique Features :

·       Comprehensive treatment in mixed aerobic un-aerobic amoebiasis.

·       Excellent efficacy in Dysentery of mixed origin.

·       Rapidly controls frequency of stool, Abdominal pain Flatulence.

·       Freedom from metallic taste.

Packing Unit :

A Box of 10 x 10  Capsules.

Dosage  :

Adult : 1 to 2 Capsules twice or thrice a day for 5 days

Or as directed by the physician.