Ayurvedic Syrup For Dengue


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece
Grade Standard Medicine Grade, Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine
Packaging Size 200 ml Pet Bottle with Carton
Packaging Type Bottle
Usage Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine for Dengue


Pharmacopoeal  Name :

Ayurvedic Syrup for Dengue    

Brand Name :


Composition :

This is a Unique Herbal-Ayurvedic  Proprietary  Medicine,  containing  Carica Papaya, Tinospora Cordifolia,  Tulsi Leaves, Methi seeds, Anartwak Fruits Jav seeds.

This  can be  safely taken with Alopathic Medicines.

Therapeutic  Uses :

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines for Dangue

Unique Features :

·       Carica Papaya is widely known as being a Natural Cure for dengue fever.

·       Complex Mix of Nutrients and Organic Compounds in Papaya can cause a rise in Platelets Count.

·       Helps to activate body’s natural immune response

·       Can be given Safely with Allopathic Medicines

·       Tinospora Cordifolia helps to increase WBC Platelets counts.           

Packing Unit :

200ml Brute shaped Pet Bottle with Carton.

Case Pack :

60 Bottles