Ayurvedic Digestive - Pediatric Drops


Pharmacopoeal Name :

Ayurvedic Liver Drops

Brand Name :

Hepalive Drops

Composition :

This is a Unique Herbal-Ayurvedic Patent Medicine, containing useful Herbal Extracts of the recognized Herbs being used to treat Jaundice & Hepatitis.

Therapeutic Uses :

Hepatitis, Sluggish Liver, Anorexia, Jaundice, Loss of Appetite, Restricted Growth, Alcoholic Liver disorder, Drug induced Hepeto-toxicity and as adjuvant therapy in Hepatitis B.

Unique Features :

Result oriented Ayurvedic Medicine.

Packing Unit :

30ml Pet Bottle with Carton & Dropper

Case Pack :

60 Bottles


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Hepalive-Drop
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 600 Piece