Itching Lotion


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 300 Piece
Brand EMULSCAB Lotion


Pharmacopoeal Name :

Gama Benzene Hexachloride Cetrimide Lotion

Brand Name :

Emulscab Lotion

Composition :

Gama Benzene Hexachloride IP 1 % w/v

Cetrimide IP 0.10 % w/w

Emulsion Base Q. S.

Therapeutic Uses :

For topical treatment of Scabies Pediculosis

Instructions for use in Scabies

Take Bath using Soap Hot water dry with a Towel. Apply the EMULSCAB Lotion to the entire skin below the neck giving particular attention to folds of the skin figurewebs etc. Do not use in or near the EYES. 24 hours later take another bath. Boil all clothes as well as Towel bedlinen etc. Repeat the whole procedure a week later, if necessary. Treat all the Family Members at the same time.

Instructions for use in Pediculosis

Take EMULSCAB Lotion and rub in well, to dampen all hair of scalp or the region involved. Let the EMULSCAB Lotion remain in contact with the scalp or the region involved. Remove the Lotion with washing with Soap water. Repeat the Treatment after a week if necessary.

Unique Features :

Easy to use in Lotion form.

Packing Unit :

100 ml Pet Bottle.

Case Pack :

30 Bottles shrink Pack. 120 Bottles in a Corrugated Box