Digestive Enzyme Syrup

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 600 Piece
Brand ZYMIN Syrup
Packing Size 200 Ml
Types Multi-Enzyme

Pharmacopoeal Name :

Digestive Enzyme Syrup

Brand Name :

Zymin Syrup

Composition :

Each 5ml. contains :

Diastase I.P. (1:1200)…..50mg.

Fungal Diastase derived from Aspergillus Oryzae. Digest not less than 60gms. Of cooked starch.

Pepsin I.P. (1:3000)……… 10mg.

(Digests not less than 30 g of coagulated egg Albumin)

Flavoured Syrupy base ……Q.S.

Therapeutic Uses :

Indigestion, Loss of appetite, Flatulence, dyspepsia, Gastric discomfort, Enzyme deficiency

Unique Features :

Sugar-free, Sorbitol based, Clear -Transparent stable Liquid.

Packing Unit :

200ml. Brute shaped Pet Bottle with Carton

Case Pack :

60 Bottles


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Zymin-Syrup
  • Port of Dispatch: AHMEDABAD
  • Production Capacity: 100000 Bottles per Month
  • Delivery Time: Immediate
  • Packaging Details: Unit Pack : 200 ml Brute shaped Pet ambar Bottle with Carton

    Case Pack : 600 Bottles