Lactulose Syrup-200 ml


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 300 Piece
Product Type Finished Product
Usage Commercial, Clinical, Hospital


Pharmacopoeal Name :

Lactulose Solution

Classic Mild Laxative for chronic constipation.

Brand Name :


Composition :

Each 15ml. contains :


(as Lactulose Concentrate USP) 10 Gms.

Therapeutic Uses :

Classic Mild Laxative.

Freedom from Gastric Irritation, Griping & Colic Pain.

Safe & easy medication for regular use.

Dosage Schedule :

In Constipation : Start with 30 ml, half an hour before Breakfast for 3 days & then continue with 15 ml per day, or as directed by the Physician.

In Hepatic Encephalopathy :

30-50 ml three times daily or as directed by the Physician

Unique Features :

SORBITOL base Preparation.

No Sugar Syrup at all, hence ideal for Diabetic Patients too.

Packing Unit :

200 ml pet ambar coloured Bottle with Measuring Cup.

Case Pack :

30 Bottles are shrink packed & a Case Pack of 180 Bottles