Multivitamin Drops with DHA


Usual Generic Name :  

Multivitamin Drops with DHA

Brand Name :

Multimin Drops

Composition :

Each ml contains ( Approximately)


(Decosahexaenoic Acid 40%)   20 mg

Vitamin A  1500 i.u.

Vitamin E    5 i.u.

Vitamin D  400 i.u. 

Vitamin B1    1 mg.

Vitamin B2    1 mg.

Vitamin B6    1 mg.

Vitamin B12   2 mcg.

Niacinamide  0.5 mg.

D-Panthenol   3 mg.

Therapeutic Uses :

  • Helps in loss of appetite, Malnutrition states especially in infants.
  • Supports nutrition for growth and development in infants & Children
  • DHA for Psychoneuroimmune development growth.
  • Vitamin B-Complex helps to maintain healthy nervous system.
  • Vitamin E helps to supply Oxygen to the Blood and it is a major Anti-oxidant.
  • Vitamin D ensures proper development  of strong bones and teeth by promoting the absorption of Calcium & Phosphorous.

Unique Features :

Co-Prescription in all diseases.

Prevention of Multivitamin deficiency.

For overall growth of a Child.

General Weakness

With Antibiotic therapy.

Packing Unit :

30 ml Pet Ambar Bottle with Measuring Dropper in a Carton.




Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Piece