Antiseptic Pain Relieving Gum Paint With Lignocaine


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 300 Piece
Brand DENTOSENS Gum Paint
Pack Size 15 ml
Pack Type HDPE Bottle with Carton


Pharmacopoeal  Name :

Antiseptic Pain relieving Gum Paint with Lignocaine

Brand Name :


Composition :

Tannic Acid   USP  5 % w/v

Choline Salicylate Solution  B.P. equivalent to

Choline Salicylate  8 % w/v

Cetrimide  I.P.  0.01% w/v

Lignocaine  HCL  I.P. 2 % w/v

Glycerine  Base  Q.  S.

Therapeutic Uses :

Useful in :

Teehing Pain,  Mouth ulcers,  Gingivitis,  Bleeding Gums,  Spongy Gums,  Cold sores,  Stomatitis,  Tonsillitis,  Pyorrhea,

Irritated Gums.

Unique Features :

Provides Rapid Local Anaesthetic effect.

Provides astringent effects on Gum.

Prevents Bleeding of Gums..

Ensures fresh breath and healthy Gums.

Packing Unit :

15 ml Pet Bottle with Carton.