Mouth Ulcer Gel with Lignocaine


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 300 Piece
Dose Three to Four times a day, as per convenience.
Packaging Size 15 gm
Packaging Type Laminated Tube with Carton
Product Type Finished Product
Usage Mouth Ulcer Gel


Pharmacopoeal  Name :

Mouth Ulcer Gel with Lignocaine

Brand Name :


Composition :

Choline Salicylate Solution B.P. equivalent to

Choline Salicylate   8.7% w/w

Benzalkonium Chloride Solution I.P. 0.01 % w/w

Lignocaine Hydrochloride I.P.   2 % w/w

Flavoured Gel Base   Q. S.

Therapeutic Uses :

Anti-septic Anagesic Mouth Ulcer Gel useful in painful conditions of oral cavity, Toothache pain associated with teething, prevention of plaque, Gingivitis. Controlling secondary bacterial infections for Apthous Ulcers. It can be used as an aid in treatment of mouth throat infections.

Unique Features :

Choline Salicylate is Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drug used to relieve the pain discomfort caused by Mouth Ulcers, Dental irritation, Sore spots from braces, and cold Sores. Benzalkonium Chloride is an Antiseptic, helps to prevent the irritated portion from getting infected and thus helps them to heal faster. Lignocaine being a Local anesthetic, causes temporary loss of feeling or numbness of the area where it is applied.

Packing Unit :

15 Gms. Laminated Tube with Carton