PCD Pharma Franchise of Dental Products


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 300 Piece
Type of Product Range Dental care range for Dentists.
Do you offer Generic No
Type of Dosage Tablet, Capsule, Gel, Medicated Tooth Paste, Mouth Ulcer Gel, Mouthwash, Germicide Gargle, Tablet, Capsule etc
Minimum Order Value Rs. 15000.00
Promotional Material Working Bag, Writing Pads, Dairies, Visiting Cards, Visual Aid, Literatures, Glossaries, Product Cards etc.

We are Manufacturing Marketing very useful Dental Prescription range of Products creating a Vibrant smile for Healthy Life style, offering Quality Dental Products like DEntogard Medicated Dental Gel, Dentogard Gum Paint, Gargilin Mouthwash, Gargilin Gargilin Plus Mouth ulcer gels, Dentosens Mouthwash, Dentosens Gum Paint, Trixidine Germicide Gargle etc.

We offer all these Products on PCD Franchise rights on Monopoly basis. This is unique offer for the Dental Clinics connected Retail Shops.