Infrastructure & Facilities

Customization Facilities
We can customize PACK-VOLUME of LIQUID-ORAL & OINTMENT Products as per the Requirements of Buyer. We can supply LIQUID-ORAL Products either NAKED or with Cartons as per the need of Buyer for effective Cost Control. We can supply our Products with Customized outer Packing''s to give elligancy to the Products. Merchant Exporters may approach us for their requirement of Liquid-Oral as well as External Preparations Products getting manufactured under Neutral Code for Export purpose.
Our Infrastructure
It’s owing to our sophisticated and modernized infrastructure facility that we have been able to manufacture and supply a wide range of Pharmaceutical Medicines, like Oral - Liquids, Ointments, Creams, Gels, Solutions, Lotions, Medicated Tooth Pastes, Mouth Ulcer Gels, Gum Paints, Ear Drops, Mouthwash etc, complying Good Manufacturing Practices laid down in Revised Schedule M of the Drugs & Cosmetics act-1940 & Rules made there under. We have equipped our facility using modern machinery, for the smooth execution of all the processes. Moreover, for carrying out all processes in a coordinate manner, we have segregated our infra into various units.
Our departments are:
  • Oral -Liquid Manufacturing Section
  • External Preparations Manufacturing Section
  • Quality Control Labs (Physico-Chemical Testings)
  • Quality Control Labs (Instruments Testing)
  • Quality Control Section (Micro Biological Testing)
  • Quality Control Section ( Media Preparation)
  • In-Process Quality Control
  • Secondary Labeling & Packing Section
  • Primary Packing Material Store (Empty Bottle, Empty Laminated Tubes & others)
  • Secondary Packing Materials Store (Labels, Cartons etc)
  • Raw Materials Receipt Sampling & Dispensing Section
  • Raw Materials (Under Test)
  • Approved Raw Materials (Normal Temperature)
  • Approved Raw Materials ( Controlled Temperature)
  • Finished Products Store (Normal Temperature)
  • Finished Products Store (Controlled Temperature)
  • Finished Products Store (Third Party manufactured Products)
  • Retain Sample Room (Normal Temperature)
  • Retain Sample Room (Controlled Temperature)
  • Rejected/Recalled Products Store Room
  • Tools Room / Machine Maintenance Room
  • Staff Room / Chemists Room
  • Administrative Office
  • Sales & Marketing Office
  • Accounts & Documentations Storage Room
  • Factory Watchman Cabbin
  • Toilets & Change Room for Male Workers
  • Toilets & Change Room for Female Workers
  • Electrical Distribution Cabbin
  • Tea-Breakfast & Drinking Water area
  • Effulent Treatment Plant (ETP)