Antibiotic Capsule and Tablet

We have an immense pleasure to offer our Quality Range of Antibiotic/Anti-bacterial Tablet/Capsule Formulations. Our Antibiotic Range comprised of latest fast running Molecules like Amoxy-Clav, Cefixime-Clav, Amoxy-Dicloxacillin-Lactobacillus, Amoxy-Bromhexine, Cefixime-100/200 DT, Cefpodoxime-100/200 DT,Azithromycin-250/500, Levofloxacin-250/500 & Ofloxacin-200
Please take a chance to ask Net Rate of our Quality Reliable Range of Antibiotics/Anti-bacterial Products being offered in Blister Packs & Alu-Alu Packs in drip off Cartons.