Pediatric Drops

We are Ahmedabad based renown Pharma Manufacturers having large & classic range of Quality Paediatric Oral Drops for the various purposes. We invite Paediatric Hospitals for the PCD Pharma Franchise of our Paediatric Drops range in the unrepresented vacant areas.

Our range of Drops consisting of Triclophos Oral Solution, Enzyme Drops, Multivitamin Drops with DHA, Junior D3 Drops, Zinc Drops, Dicyclomin & Simethicone Drops, Ondansetron Oral Solution, Cyproheptadine with Tricholine Citrate Drops, Paracetamol Drops, Anti-cold Drops, Phenylephrine & Chlorpheniramine Drops & Folic acid with Vitamin B12 Drops etc. etc..